K.K. DOWNING: 'MOTÖRHEAD Were Responsible For The Creation Of Thrash And Speed Metal'

KK Downing: ‘Motörhead was responsible for the creation of thrash and speed metal’

In a new interview with Rhys Bowlerformer JUDAS PRIEST guitarist KK Downing talked about the advent of thrash metal in the early 80s and the impact it had on the evolution of PRIEST‘s sound.

“Other than heavy metal, I think thrash metal, of course because around the time in the ’70s and early ’80s we saw some very good things coming [from] the UK, with bands like VENINbut of course we had METALLICwhich had great relevance and [later on] great bands like MACHINE HEADtake down said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET

ENGINE HEADfor me… i have to say ENGINE HEAD was to blame for all that, I guess,” he continued. “Well, I say ‘blame’ – I’d change that to ‘thank’ for that, because I think Lemmy and ENGINE HEAD were certainly responsible for the creation of thrash and speed metal. And of course we can’t leave out MEGADETH… And of course we had something like PANTHER get through [in the late 1980s and early 1990s]† And we had a lot of great bands in the early ’80s that were kind of like, ‘Okay, we’re the newbies around. Move aside.’ So we bands that were around as far back as the late ’60s and ’70s had to listen a little bit and say, ‘Wait a minute. Not too fast, guys.’ But you can’t keep good bands in; they are going to push their way forward. But the point is, it was a very, very healthy thing.”

take down also talked about the fact that PRIEST served as a major influence on many of the bands in the then-emerging thrash metal scene.

“I have to say we did – myself and… Glenn [Tipton, PRIEST guitarist] — we pushed the boundaries of speed picking with some of our songs; they were actually quite hard to play,” he said.[We had the attitude of]”Okay, you’re not going to knock us down just yet; we have plenty to do.’ And I think we kind of had to stake our claim on the… ‘painkiller’ album… And of course we went on tour with the ‘painkiller’ album all over the world, and it’s strange how many bands we had were on the bands we were just talking about. We went out with PANTHERDESTROYERand of course we had in North America and Canada MEGADETH and we had SHALL† Isn’t it weird that we’re put together with those kinds of packages?

“It wasn’t good for us that To rob [Halford, PRIEST singer]was particularly drawn to that rock hard metal, which I think led him away from the band, because at one point he said that JUDAS PRIEST wasn’t heavy enough’ KK continued. “But of course he then formed his own band, BATTLE, and things like that and went in that direction; he was particularly pleased with that heavier side. And yes, I see the attraction, because… I mean, To rob was taking responsibility for us? PANTHER on tour, I think, because he became good friends with them. But what a great band, great guys. I will always consider them great friends because we had such a good time… But the memories of those guys will live on forever and of course their music. And of course we’ll never see the mighty now PANTHER as they once were. They are set in stone with the greats of all time.”

take down recently launched a new band called KK’S PRIEST in which he is joined by former JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals), together with guitarist AJ MillsVIOLENT), bassist Tony Newtonvoodoo six) and drummer Sean ElgoPASSING AWAYCAGE

KK’S PRIEST released her debut album, “Sermons of the Sinners”last October via Explorer1 Music GroupEX1 records

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